The Mayor's position is one of leadership in the community for operations and recognizing residents' concerns. When there have been projects recently approved by the Mayor's office that do not match a sensible approach and without support from the residents, it should be a noted issue.

  • Youth Development: Children are the root of community growth. While programs and facilities exist, they are not enough to support and develop children of today. Proposed facilities aimed at youth development are unlikely to be constructed and operated within most children's prime years of maturation. There could be many more events engaging youth and better structured initiatives. With the money spent on other matters, many children are left with little outside the house to help in development.
  • Market the Town: Having worked in film and advertising, Boris Godzinevski could market the Town in ways no previous member of Council could. Promotion is the cornerstone to a Tourist Driven Municipality, which Georgina has been for decades, yet has been rather lacking given the state of our Beaches and Programs.
  • Update Our Beaches: We have several beaches along a vast lakefront, yet all are in need of updating, some more than others. The cost to update in some areas would not be great, certainly a fraction of a fraction what the Town has proposed in other areas. We should be proud of our beaches and they should work for us. The state of our beaches in comparison to other Municipalities on Lake Simcoe is somewhat of an embarassment.

  • Promoting Business: Bringing in more business to Georgina comes down to the bottom line. Over the years many small business owners have struggled due to road blocks and higher prices. These are within Council's control to alleviate but require a fine balance between commercial and residential space. If we compare to surrounding areas, we see an easier path for businesses than in our Town.
  • A Push To Expedite Permits and Change in By-Laws: Georgina has some intrusive policies in place when it comes to property alterations or public activities done on ones property. Many were put in place at a time the town was significantly different and are no longer justified. Many residents may not know they exist and any discomfort with the Town on property actions should be strongly justified which I believe are not. Simple changes to by-laws seemingly few even care about can take several years, which puts people's lives on hold and lands a bad name for property rights in our community.

  • Smart & Sensible Construction Projects: Whether one points to the ROC, The Link or Clearwater Farms in the past two decades, building projects have gone over initial funding estimates and taken far longer than expected. This can be avoided with more efficient review and a hands on approach by elected officials. Time is the question but for the Mayor's position, a full-time position, everything should be on the table. It is a position that should never stop, demanding to some, the greatest of sacrifices. But in leading a community of over forty thousand, real progress and successful execution can only come with the utmost dedication.
  • Emphasis on Roads: The current state of our roads under Town responsibility is underwhelming. Money needs to be allocated to catch up to a good standard. When you consider expected growth in the coming years, rise in traffic will only create a larger burden on roads and may leave us too far behind. As some municipalities in the province have shown, certain stretches may be near undrivable for the common vehicle.

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