Why I Run

As someone who has grown up in Georgina, attending schools and taking advantage of Town facilities, I understand the community better than recent residents. You can read about history, but it's a different matter to experience it. Many projects in the Township have not gone as expected, going over budget and taking longer to complete. Currently we as taxpayers are stuck essentially paying off what is already built and may be underused. Georgina is relatively good at generating income yet maintains several programs at paltry returns or net losses. This can be attributed to overtly optimistic projections or failing to recognize details. The small details in fact often spiral out of control resulting in significant setbacks. My education and experience has lead me to review all matters pertaining to a project or event. When dealing with public matters, this concern should be amplified. The Highway extension has been one of the more recent successful expansions and it has resulted in the rise in property rates. The future as in the early 2000s, appears very promising, but past mistakes must be avoided and having lived through to see them in their entirety, I myself would be motivated to avoid any recurrences.

My points of focus are many but above all is making the most of our tremendous potential. Our geographic location, our environment and our supportive community. Travelling across the province I have seen time and again other similar Townships fare better in their spending and development. I cannot ignore the misguided proposals moving forward. We can do better and we must demand better. The Mayor's position is one of focus and that focus should be on getting the best, not following failed trends. We need to look at our youth and we need to look at preserving our identity. We had great, sensible growth in the mid 80s to mid 90s. We can have that same success again.